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Welcome to Al Takhassosi for conferences, and Banqueting, it’s the leading event address in Riyadh. Excellent location near the King Abdullah Financial District and 10 minutes from the city center, to be convenient, convenient and convenient for holding all kinds of events, occasions and parties

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Al Takhassosi is the perfect place for brides who are looking for the most famous wedding experts and planners, to help them have their dream wedding. Al Takhassosi palace for Celebrations, Conferences and Exhibitions includes two ballrooms ideal for luxury weddings. Al Thuraya Ballroom, located directly at the eastern entrance to AL Takhassosi Palace, accommodates approximately 400 guests with Separated Restaurant. As for the Al- Al Loulwa Hall, which is located at the western entrance to AL Takhassosi Palace, we can accommodate approximately 400 guests with separated Restaurant. Al Takhassosi strives to provide the finest services and to provide maximum comfort and luxury through the application of authentic hospitality methods in a manner that suits the bride's taste

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Al-Thumama Road - Al-Sahafa District - Exit 5
Tel: 0542011113

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